John Bird – Somme (post 11 under Poetry):

Joan CallisterUncle Bill (post 6 under Family History): Joan was a founding member of Walton History Group in 1983.

Ed DeightonRose Ellen Butcher (item 2 under Liverpool People): Ed has lived in Liverpool for 26 years – but still hasn’t picked up the accent! He loves the city and is proud to be an ‘adopted scouser’. When not working, he enjoys writing and has self-published a number of novels and stories.

Lyn FitpatrickUniform that I Still Wear (post 14 under Poetry): Lyn writes poetry especially to acknowledge the contribution soldiers make to our society.

Owen Hagan:  Thomas Patrick is Missing (post 22 under Poetry)

Alan Johnson – Heirloom (post 4 under Poetry) Alan Johnson (aka AiJ) is a poet, who lives and writes in the beautiful Cheshire countryside. He’s been published a number of times on Poetry24 where “News is the Muse” and also on He also contributed, with the North End Writers, to the Radio Merseyside drama “Driftwood” in 2011 and along with a number of other writers, had a  postcard from the Titanic published and a multitude of copies fired from the canon of the Royal de Luxe production of the “Sea Odyssey” with the Giants in Liverpool 2012. He can regularly be heard reading his work at open mic venues across the North West.

Linda Keen – Memories of a Soldier, My Grandfather (post 5 under Family History).

Brian LinfordThe Liverpool PALS (post 1 under Liverpool People)

Janet McAdamBrave Poppies (post 13 under Poetry): Janet has been writing poetry for many years and has taken an active part in a number of projects with North End Writers including A Walk in the Park (2012).

Kevin McMahon  Magpies (post 2 under Poetry) Kevin is a veteran soldier living on Merseyside.  His poem Magpies is accompanied by an image of his original painting Fallen which is acrylic, ink, resin and gold leaf on canvas.

Ian M Parr Killing Butterflies (post 12 under Poetry): Ian is a member of Chester Poets and Whitchurch Library Writers Group.

Ms J.K. PricePoppies Turned Red (post 1 under Poetry and post-card item in Workshop and Events section for – Project Launch), Gas (post 18 under Poetry), Tidy (post 20 under Poetry): Julia Price describes herself as an artist, a poet, a writer, a fighter and a survivor.

Eric RadcliffeSplintered Trees (post 4 under Stories): Eric is a member of North End Writers.

Brenda RobertsOuter Red, Inner White (post 3 under Poetry): Brenda is a member of North End Writers.

John Rowe St Matthew’s, Clubmoor (post 1 under Liverpool Places): John is a Trustee of North End Writers and lives in Tuebrook with his wife and 6 children. 

Pauline Rowe – I think the flowers that children like are best for peace (post 15 under Poetry): Pauline is Project Lead for this project, 100 Pictures – 100 Pages.

Graham Scott Me and the Park (post 2 under Stories)  Shot at Dawn (post 6 under Poetry), Letters to Molly (posts 2 – 6 under Imagined Letters) : After a long and successful career as an aircraft engineer which took him all over the world, Graham settled back in Liverpool in 2008 and took a job as a Technical Author writing complex technical documentation and marketing material for the railway industry. At the age of 50 he decided that it was time (in his own words) “to do some real writing” and joined North End Writers. Graham has discovered an interest in Flash Fiction and enjoys writing this and short stories often with a military history theme.

Jan Sear – Woman at Hadassah Grove (post 17 under Poetry), William (Will) Woodcraft (post 4 under Family History).

Flora Small – The Dead 1, a poem (post 2 under Family History ), The Dead 2, a poem (post 3 under Family History : Flora is a member of Liverpool Women Writers.

David Subacchi – Lusitania (post 5 under Poetry):  David Subacchi was born in Wales of Italian roots and has published two collections of poems. ‘First Cut’ (2012) and ‘Hiding in Shadows’ (2014). He is an active member of Chester Poets and Liverpool’s Dead Good poets.  David writes in both English and Welsh and regularly performs his work live.

Irene Stuart  – Waiting For Joe (post 1 under Stories) Reminiscing (post 8 – Poetry): Irene is a fully qualified careers adviser and has worked with young people and adults in this capacity for over twenty years. She has two daughters, five grandchildren and one great grandchild. She came into writing quite late in life and has so far had moderate success mainly due to the support of two former college lecturers the late Gwen and Gerald Stanley, Dingle Community Theatre and North End Writers.

Alan ThomasTo Do or Die (post 3 under Stories), Canaries (post 1 under Factual Articles), Dear John (post 1 under Imagined Letters & Scripts), He’s Not Coming Home (post 7 – Poetry), A Soldier Dies (post 9 – Poetry), Dear Joe (post 10 – Poetry), Mary (post 7 under Imagined Letters & Scripts):

 Dominic Williams – Thanks for permission to post his song Tommy’s Lot on blog post 10th Oct 2014.

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