Family history

You may already know about your family links with the First World War.  If you want to find out more this may be a useful link:

  1. Penny Grandad
    by Debby Smith
  2. The Dead 1
    by Flora Small
  3. The Dead 2
    by  Flora Small
  4. William (Will) Woodcraft
    by Jan Sear
  5. Memories of a Soldier, My Grandfather
    by Linda Keen
  6. Uncle Bill
    by Joan Callister
  7. Letter From The Same Address – 1917
    by Peter de Lane


  1. Hi Deb
    Your fav uncle here. I thought the piece you wrote was fab. Is it poss to send this as an email attachment? I would be really pleased if that were possible.
    Not sure how this web site works but hope you are able to pick this message up.
    Best Wishes

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