The First World War is famous for the poetry of soldiers for the witnessing of poets.  Can you express your own commemorations and meditations on the meaning of war through poetry?  This link may be helpful:The War Poetry website

Click a title to view a poem.

  1. Poppies turned red
    by J. K. Price
  2. Magpies
    by Kevin McMahon
  3. Outer Red, Inner White
    by Brenda Roberts
  4. Heirloom
    by Alan Johnson
  5. Lusitania
    by David Subacchi
  6. Shot at Dawn
    by Graham Scott
  7. He’s Not Coming Home
    by Alan Thomas
  8. Reminiscing
    by Irene Stuart
  9. A Soldier Dies
    by Alan Thomas
  10. Dear Joe
    by Alan Thomas
  11. Somme
    by John Bird
  12. Killing Butterflies
    by Ian M. Parr
  13. Brave Poppies
    by Janet McAdam
  14. Uniform that I Still Wear
    by Lyn Fitzpatrick
  15. I Think The Flowers That Children Like Are Best For Peace
    by Pauline Rowe
  16. How Shall We Extol Thee?
    A Group poem by “the Stockbridge Tuesdays”
  17. Woman at Hadassah Grove
    by Jan Sear
  18. GAS
    by Julia Price
  19.  Kiddo
    by Jim Bostock
  20. Our Garden
    by Julia Price
  21. Mam
    by Andy Lyons
  22. Thomas Patrick Is Missing
    by Owen Hagan
  23. That’s a Big Spud!
    by Many Contributors
  24. Tommy
    by Steve Donegan
  25. My Grand-dad Jim
    by Peter de Lane


  1. Pauline, John,

    Congratulations on the launch of the 100 Pictures – 100 Pages project celebration. A fantastic effort, I’m so sorry I couldn’t attend.

    The standards of the pictures and pages were exceptional, well done.

    Please let me know when your next venture is starting.

    Best wishes and kind regards

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